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The enhancement of colour & luminance to achieve the full potential of moving image.

The power of grading is extensive but not endless. A DOP's vision can be materialised, skin tones can be perfected, highlights recovered and shadows retrieved. All of that said, realistic expectations should be maintained through clear communication. Check out some of my work below to experience a taste of what can be achieved in the grade.

The Process

For many of my clients, this is one of the first times that they have worked with a colourist. For this reason, I have laid out the basic steps taken during the colour grading process - giving you a greater understanding of what to expect.


If you already have some reference images for how you would like the footage to look, fantastic! If not, I will work with you to find suitable reference images that we agree on and I will use those as my starting point for the grade.


Colour Correction

Before I start the creative process of creating the 'look', I will correct any issues such as over-exposure, incorrect colour temperature or inconsistancies between shots within the same scene. At the end of the colour correction stage, the footage will be sufficiantly prepped for the grade.



We can now begin to paint on our freshly prepared canvas. Using the pre-agreed upon references, I will sculp and adjust the colours, saturation, luminance, sharpness and many other aspects of the image until it is just right.


Finishing & Amends

Once the grade is complete, I'll tweak to project as a whole to ensure consistency throughout. At this stage we will also go through two rounds of feedback to make any final adjustments. And voilà!


Release the colourful potential of your film project.

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